Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Happenings in June 2014

A few fun random pics we took in June. These are the younger boys at Cade's baseball games. They always wore some kind of baseball hat and brought their gloves to play catch. They mimic Cade and Corey all the time. It's so cute!

We actually had to do a little work in the summer and the kids complained. We got to pass out flyers for our new storage units and as you can tell the boys were hiding from my camera. It was funny. They all got hot and took their shirts off, but would not let me take a pic. 

Some backyard swimming. My little cutie!

But 1st, let me take a selfie with my baby boy!

This was one Sunday night we went and visited my mom and grandpa and played a little baseball at the park in Wellsville! Good times with Dad!

One summer day my kids were outside riding their bikes and I wanted to take some pics. Love this pic of our backyard.

So cute how Crew hangs on to the back of their bikes and stands on their pegs!

Another summer day my kids were actually getting along.

This summer day, my kids were playing restaurant and Crew was jumping right in and being their waiter! Too cute! Love how he tries to be big and mimic the older kids!

A fun night we met in SLC and got together with a bunch of our cousins on the Maughan side! It was a Maughan cousin reunion minus a few. But it was still so fun! It had been forever and it was so fun to see everyone and their little families!

Monique and Ivan (4 kids), Michala and her 2 kids, Natalie and her husband and 2 kids, Becca, Em, David and Jake, and Me and my 4 kids. It was alot of fun to catch up!

Another day at the storage units picking up and weeding. The kids love to bring their bikes and ride, but they also had to work a little and help me pick some weeds!

Ok, so this project has been kinda crazy. Corey's coach put me and his wife in charge of designing next years jerseys for the soccer team. It was alot harder than I imagined and this is kind of what they look like. We have not got them back yet and I am stressing. But soon! STRESS!

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